Friday, September 25, 2009

Wireless redux

Back in February I had predicted some consolidation in the wireless industry.

There has been talk of T-Mobile (which is actually part of Deutsche Telekom) considering the acquisition of Sprint Nextel, according to a September 13 article in cellular news. There are major technology disconnects between the companies i.e. CDMA vs. GSM vs. iDEN and the whole alphabet-soup of acronyms. Certainly some wireless customers will be required to update their phones to wherever the winning technology winds up.

IMNSHO it is time for the US government, specifically the FCC, to step in & mandate some standards for wireless communication.

Many people think that government regulation only makes things worse, but look at the current state of wired telecom today - whether you are on POTS, digital phone via cable, or IP-based over the Internet - the core technology is still based on the PSTN developed by Bell Labs and implemented by AT&T many long years ago. In fact, all the wireless minutes directed at wired phones also pass thru that core system.

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