Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Cox rocks

We had a power outage last week, but when the lights came back on my 7-year-old cable modem refused to reconnect. I called my ISP, Cox Communications, and after I got past the IVR system & spoke with a tech, they were extremely helpful trying to get me back online.

Unfortunately, in spite of being plugged into surge protector, the modem was trashed, so I ran out to pick up a new one, plugged 'er in, and got back on the phone with Cox. Once again, they were very helpful & I was back online quickly.

Cox is trying to use techno-gadgetry like the interactive voice response stuff which was totally annoying, and a fairly sophisticated web page that attempts to recognize & connect your modem when you first try to access the Internet (but it failed), however, there is no substitute for great people like the techs that I spoke with. Congrats! to the tech support staff at Cox, they know their stuff.


Unknown said...

One problem with the self-registration page when you are attempting to activate a new cable modem is you will get stuck on said page if you use a router. Access to the page is determined by IP address and the router will not automatically refresh this information once the activation process is complete. In these situations disconnecting and reconnecting power to the router after completing the activation process will usually solve the problem problem.


Bill Mitchell said...

Thanks for the feedback, but I was not using a router. It got stuck almost right away at the first page, and said to "try again later".